Q. I have a website already, I don’t want it to go offline while I build a new one, is this possible?

It is very common that companies want to refresh their website after a while and go through a transition between two websites. If you are in this situation let us know and we will provide you with the appropriate interim solution, to ensure your current site remains live, and once the new site is ready we will do what is necessary to make it live and replace the current website.

Q. How many pages can I have?

The type of website which we create for you, is called a WordPress site. Your website will have unlimited pages and so we have no restrictions on the number of pages you can have.

Q. What platform is my website built on? Is it WordPress, html or other?

The type of website which we create for you, is called a WordPress site. We use WordPress for various reasons including:

  • It is mobile friendly.
  • It is easy to update, it doesn’t involve hours of coding.
  • WordPress is a secure platform as it is over 10 years old. WordPress has been refined, tested, and enhanced.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly.
  • WordPress is easy to setup, manage and update.

Q. How many email addresses can I have?

We will give you as many email addresses as you want. You can choose between a POP3 mailbox or a forwarder email address, which can be sent to any existing email address that you have.

Q. What do I get as part of the hosting?

Our hosting package includes:

  • 1Gb Disk Space
  • 10Gb Bandwidth Per Month
  • Fully Integrated WordPress
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Technical Support via Email
  • Daily Backups

Q. What does “Unlimited Technical Support” cover?

Our bottom line is that we want to ensure that you have a fully functional website and robust emails at all times. We will provide you with support that will ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Our support continues after your website goes live and we will be with you all the way. If you need to make changes down the line we are on hand to help. If, for example, you need to install a plugin, we will help you. You may in future wish to change the theme of your site and we will do this for you. We can also help you add social media integration to your site at any future date. Our Technical Support  Team are available 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and out of hours via email at: info@smecreative.co.uk

We also offer remote support where, with your permission, we can connect to your computer to setup your email account for you or to solve other issues.

Q. How safe is my website?

  1. Proactive Monitoring and Support – 24/7 – Support teams will proactively monitor your sites and applications to detect security threats and address them in the fastest possible time.
  2. Hands-free secure environment – We’ll also look after the patching and maintenance of your infrastructure, and make proactive recommendations to adapt your environment so it is future-proofed.
  3. Compliant data centres to meet the most stringent security requirements – Our data centres are accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II SOC 1 standards, ensuring your sites and applications are secured by the best processes and technologies.

In addition to this we have a double backup system in place to make sure that your website is protected in the best possible way. We back up your website every night and hold a copy on our web server every 30 days where it renews again. Once the backup is completed we will send a copy of your backup to a second secure location. This means that if anything goes wrong we can restore your website up to the last 30 days. Our secondary off-site backups are there if, in a rare instance, something was to happen to our web server, then we are able to do a complete restore of the entire web server quickly and easily.

Q. How much does your service cost?

Our service comes in two parts:

  1. Setup – Getting a website going takes a few steps, we install the website software, setup email accounts, and guide you through everything you need to get your site up and running.
  2. Hosting – In order for a website to be online, it has to be hosted. Hosting is the term used for the place where your website lives on the Internet. It lives on our web server which is available 24/7, which means that whenever one of your customers accesses your website it is available to them. Hosting is rented from hosting companies like ourselves.

To create and host a website we charge £197 for the setup, and £20 per month for hosting and unlimited support.

Q. Why do I have to pay via Direct Debit?

Our terms when signing up state that you must be willing and able to pay your monthly hosting via direct debit. In order to make our incredible offer possible we have to keep our administration costs down. Direct debit offers us the cheapest way to administer our fees. A completed direct debit form is needed before we are able to make your site live, and non receipt of direct debit may lead to your website being suspended.

Q. Contract Length

Once you agree to our terms you are contract bound for 12 months. Even if you decide to go to another supplier you will still be liable to pay the costs of the contract term.

Q. Where are you based?

We have several offices, however our main office is in Carmarthen, Wales, UK. Our web servers are located in the data centre in London, UK.

Q. When does the hosting fee start?

When you sign up, we ask you to complete the Go Cardless direct debit form, this will take your monthly hosting fee of £20. The initial hosting payment of £20 is required to set up a portal that will host your website upon completion. However, in the interim we need to host a holding page so that anyone visiting your domain does not go to a blank redirect page. The hosting fee is then taken again on the same date the following month and recurs every month.

Q. Can I move my WordPress site to you, and access your unlimited support?

Yes of course. We have many clients who used cheap hosting packages that don’t come with support and got a little stuck. You can transfer your site to us and we will help you with all aspects of your WordPress site. The fee for hosting is £20 per month. Get in touch and let us know what you need, and we will let you know how to transfer the site.