Our service is simple, we use one of the industry leading email marketing platforms called Mail Chimp.  But for those business people out there that are too busy to manage their own email marketing tool, we simply do it for them.

Email Marketing – Do You Have Time To…



Just think how much time it costs you to design your templates, upload your content, plan your campaigns and send them out?

On average a business will spend per campaign at least £50 for a graphic designer to design a template.

In additional a further £30-£60 worth of time uploading content and managing the campaign. Which comes to a grand total of: £110…and that’s for just one campaign….and we haven’t even included the cost of your time, yes that’s you the busy business owner managing all of your daily duties.

For the price of a coffee per day, we can manage your email marketing!

If you are too busy, then our service is definitely worth investing in. You have nothing to lose with our 30 day FREE Trial.


*PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT take payment during your 30 day trial period. Payments are activated after 30 days unless you cancel your payment account.