There are many companies out there which charge only £2.00 – £5.00 per month for hosting. Why would you pay more with us if you can pay less with other companies? What does SME Creative do that these other cheaper companies don’t offer?

Hidden Spots

Many ‘cheap’ hosting providers do not provide you with their upfront technical specifications. They choose not to disclose them to you as there are lots of small print details which add on £pounds when a technical issue arises. These companies are not very happy to publish their weak sides.

Slow Connections Can Harm Your Google Ranks

It may be old servers hardware, outdated software, too narrow broadband connection or outsourcing support staff from overseas countries, whatever are disadvantages. When you have so many websites on one server, it can slow it down, which means your website will not load quickly and this may put off viewers. The worst hosting companies have frequent downtime, which means that your site isn’t available. Search engines such as Google check on uptime data and will penalize you even if it’s really an issue with the hosting service.

Poor Customer Support

Have you ever had to wait on hold on a phone call to a number which is clearly charging you way over the odds? Some cheap hosting companies force you into spending lots of money to contact them if there are any issues with your site. This is not only costly but it can also be very frustrating.

Risk of security attacks

There are many cheap hosting providers which do not invest in systems which can protect your website and its content. When choosing a hosting provider you must make certain that that your hosting provider invests in strong security measures. If a cheap hosting company will not provide you with their security measures then it says a lot about their honesty and customer service.

sme creative hosting support

After reading all of the above, paying a little more doesnt seem like a big deal anymore does it? Please see below everything you get for £20.00 per month hosting & support with SME Creative