What do we do as part of our SEO service?

Keyword Research – We start any SEO campaign by researching what local keywords to use. We do this by finding out about your business and analysing your existing website.

Competition Analysis – We also take a look at what your competition are doing, and analyse their websites. We take a look at the top four ranking websites within your industry, working out what it is that has achieved them their ranking. By doing this, we can determine how long it will take to get your website to the top.

On-Page Changes – Having a search engine friendly website pages is essential to getting a good ranking, so we will fix any problems on your website pages. If we find that your website pages do not have enough quality text, we write content for you. Having the right amount of good quality text can be very important to your search engine ranking.

Bad Link Analysis – While it’s important to have a lot of links to your website, some types might actually hurt your ranking. Because of this, we analyse all the links to your website and work to remove anything that could be damaging your reputation with search engines.

Back Link Clean Up – Using the Google Disavow Tool, we notify Google of the list of bad links. This removes the connection to your site in the search engine rankings, potentially boosting your result.

Google+ Business Page – If you don’t have one already, we will create and set up a Google Plus business page for you. If you do have one, we will check it over to ensure that everything is working properly and that it’s set up correctly.

Google Local / Places – We check that your local places listing is correct, with your up to date information and no errors. Making sure this is set up the right way can prevent all sorts of issues in your local search engine results.

Deep Crawl Analysis – Every search engine will have an automated web crawler look at your page, indexing what it finds. We mimic this, going through your website in the way a search engine would. Doing this, we can find and fix any errors that could be causing problems for the search engine crawlers.

On-Page Grader Report – After we have made the necessary improvements to your website, we’ll put it through an on-page grader, so you can be confident that you have a Grade A website.

Adding A Google Map – Having a Google Map on your website can be beneficial in a few ways. For one, it shows potential customers where to find you. It also helps Google find you, matching any citations to your map location. We will take care of the coding and insertion of the Google Map onto your contact page.

Building Up Reviews – Google and other search engines rank websites viewed as authorities higher, so establishing yourself as a reliable source is important. To do this, you need positive reviews. We will work with you to get honest, positive customer reviews posted to your Google+ page.

Social Media Promotion – We continue to boost your exposure via social media, drawing on help from local well supported social media profiles. We will also encourage you to promote your website on various social media platforms.

Campaign Analysis – At the end of six months, we give you a detailed analysis of how your site has improved, and what the next steps would be to keep your ranking or expand your SEO efforts. By focusing on brand awareness, we are doing more than just getting you a search engine ranking.

Blog – With your approval we will write a blog for you with lots of useful information for readers to view, which can help contribute to good search engine rankings.

Finally – We continue to analyse your website, seeing what is and isn’t working. We know that keeping your ranking is more important that just achieving it, so we help with this element of your local SEO. After the first six months, you should have a growing number of website visitors, and this should be translating to more customers. With this analysis, we can work with you to create a custom designed package for further SEO work for your business.Keeping ahead of your competitors is an ongoing task, so your SEO work and analysis of your website shouldn’t stop once you get a top ranking. When we work together, we can make sure you stay on top and continue to improve.